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One of my new team mates sent me this e-mail. I thought it was so sweet that I wanted to share it.  I think it also show’s why people why want to work from home too. LBB rocks!

“Hi TaVona! Thanks for e-mail. I really would like to talk to someone that is currently doing this, and how they like it.

First off, congrats on the baby! My son just turned 1 on Aug. 5th – aren’t they the best? My fiance and I both don’t want to work away from home; I hate missing out on all those special childhood memories! I happened upon this site, and immediately thought of about 10 people that I know would utilize this around holidays and birthdays, and it is so affordable! I think the 20$ a month fee is very do-able in this economy…

I really wanted to get involved in something that would allow me to (eventually) stay at home with my kids. I absolutely HATE my job I have now, but it pays the bills, so if I can get involved in something that does that for me, why not jump right in?

How long have you been involved with LBB? What kind of advertising do you personally use that you find works well? I was thinking about just posting fliers at Cub, Caribou, my laundromat, etc. Have you tried these ways to do outside advertising, and if so, have they worked for you? Any additional info would be helpful in starting out 🙂 I guess at this point, I am so overwhelmed with all the information, that I don’t know where to start, and what would be the most productive. Hope to talk to you soon!”


I’m a Christian Work at Home Mom!

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