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  • You often use excuses, usually about money and time, for not taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of you
  • You sometimes come from a fear mentality (fear of failure, success, marketing, etc, etc, etc).
  • You regularly focus on what’s lacking in your life, rather than on what you want
  • You most always stop yourself in the ‘belief’ process
  • You allow fear of rejection and failure to get in the way of taking action
  • You look at your existing situation, rather than focusing on your dream
  • Deep down, you may feel you don’t deserve abundance and success on a grand scale (whether you know this consciously or not)
  • Sometimes, if you’re really honest with yourself, you may feel you are not “enough” as a person
  • You have a very limited idea of how much you can really make
  • You may be putting too much focus on the negative influence in your surroundings, especially the news media or what others around you are saying
  • You aren’t willing to do what it takes to change your income
  • You look at what others around you are doing to set your own benchmarks
  • You don’t listen to your intuition as much as you could
  • You sometimes back away from uncomfortable situations that represent opportunities for growth
  • You aim way too low
  • You aren’t willing to speak the truth about your hidden behaviors
  • You numb yourself or stay too busy or scattered to fully receive your inner guidance
  • You don’t realize how your beliefs are really creating your reality
  • You are afraid to take big risks
  • You aren’t clear enough on your life purpose
  • You don’t always have enough confidence in yourself
  • You don’t take enough personal responsibility for your results, sometimes blaming certain circumstances or situations for what you don’t have yet
  • You’re afraid to invest in yourself, for fear of losing money
  • You don’t always trust yourself to make the right decision, so no decision often feels like the better option
  • You get frozen in your fears and stop taking action, even when the reward is right around the corner
  • You may be embarrassed or have shame about certain aspects of yourself or your life and that stops you from seeing yourself as being worthy of having it all
  • You don’t believe in miracles, at least not long enough to let them into your life
  • You don’t fully believe you can actually achieve the massive success that others have
  • You procrastinate and use other self-sabotage to keep yourself away from success
  • You get in your own way from getting what you want, repeatedly, because of the negative things you tell yourself and the invisible fears that get in your way, the self-doubt and gremlins that keep you from doing what it takes to have a full practice
  • Somehow, you wonder whether you deserve (or can handle) having it all
  • Your inner critic is very, very loud
  • You are afraid of what people will think of you if you do begin to succeed
  • A part of you doesn’t believe you can REALLY make a lot of money and grow a successful gifting business.

The thing is, all of these beliefs and fears are completely untrue.

The longer you believe in these false ideas, on a subconscious level, the longer it will take to create the life you really want.

You may be wondering where all this GUNK came from, anyway…

The creepy self-sabotaging beliefs and fears that sabotage you from reaching success come from a variety of different places:

*Hand-me-down beliefs from parents

*What we witnessed as a child

*Widely-held social or cultural beliefs

*Experiences gone wrong

*Beliefs and small-thinking that our friends and acquaintances hold as ‘truth’

*The media (movies, the news, TV, magazines, etc.)

This stuff is all around you and, I hate to say it, it’s really difficult to escape. Especially as a child, when we form most of our ideas around life.

And yet, I’ll tell you one thing…

Removing these fears and negative beliefs is crucial if you want to finally move to the next level of your success and income level.


 As you are building your gifting business, you will go thru ups and downs (this is very natural).  Don’t get frustrated, Get excited that you can  make as much income as you like and you are the boss. 

Before you start, we want you to know that this business will not make you rich overnight, but it can produce an incredible about of money for you and your family.  This is your business and you are the CEO of your company.  Nobody is going to take this away from you nor downsize you.  So be proud of your business.

Below are some simple rules to follow if you truly want to succeed.

#1   Set weekly goals,  make  the time  to work the business and be  consistent and patient.  Yes, success will happen but not overnight.  This is a real business and not a get rich quick scheme.   If you would open a store, you are not going to have customers running to your store right away.  Building a customer does take time to build.   The best part of this business is that you can generate two incomes.  You can work on the referral program as you are building your customer base. 

Always remember to put yourself on a schedule and stick to the schedule no matter what.   I  promise you that  if you are  consistent, you will succeed and at the end, you will look back and be so glad you built this business oppose to regretting.
#2    Know your “why”  Why are you in this business and what are you fighting for?   For example, some of our consultants are fighting for  financial freedom.  They don’t want to spend  40 years of  their life working for someone else, only to realize that they will be retiring on one-third of what they  can live on today. Or, worse yet,  knowing that they have diligently worked all their lives, only to be given an early retirement and replaced by someone younger, more capable.

Some of our consultants are fighting for their  family.  They are building this business for them and  their family.  They don’t want to wake up one morning and realizing that their children, the most precious things imaginable, no longer need bottles, diapers, have tea parties, or are shorter than the baseball bat they are trying to swing.  Or,  realizing it is too late and that the time frittered away can never be retrieved.

Some consultants are fighting for financial freedom.  They are working this business because they are tired of watching their  husbands work hard and they are still not getting ahead.  They realize that they  are never going to have the freedom and income they deserve if they keep on working for other people.  This is why many consultants are  taking control of their  lives and their  finances. They no longer hope, wish and dream for the government or the president to take care of their family.

Yes, we do realize that we all have some habits such as  rationalizing, procrastination and skirting important things, rather than facing the issues. Too often we allow others who do not pay our bills, who do not share our dreams, to direct our futures.

As children we have absolutely no freedom; we rebel in our teens and scream for freedom. We reach adulthood and are finally free, only to relinquish that freedom because we think it is too difficult to go after our dreams. We do not want to take responsibility. We do not want to make a wrong decision, so we obligingly give that awesome power to someone else. We wake up too late. We hear ourselves uttering phrases like: “I wish I had only . . .” and “If I could do it over again.”

You have no one but yourself to blame. You had the chance. Perhaps the opportunity was presented many times and each time you elevated the trivial to a higher priority than yourself.

Let me ask you: Is sending emails to prospective clients  or sharing our gifts with people difficult to do?  Is sharing this career with others is difficult?

Is it so traumatic to show someone an exciting product ? Is it so difficult to understand that if you work this business, you will have a great  loyal client base that will keep ordering from you and send you referrals?  

Would you work really hard for several years, so you could mold a lifestyle of your choosing, so your family could live a lifestyle of their dreams, rather than trying to live how someone else thinks you should live?

How difficult is it to pick up the phone and call a perspective client?   How difficult is it to place ads? How difficult is it, really, to share what you love with others? Think about it.

Realize the awesome power you have in your hands with this business. There are people out there working three jobs. There are people drowning in debt; or agonizing through bankruptcy, realizing they only needed a couple hundred more dollars per month. That is difficult!

This business you have chosen has the ability to change  your life.
What are you waiting for?

There is difficulty and pain in success, and there is difficulty and pain in failure. Difficulty and pain in success will last a short period of time; but pain in failure lasts a lifetime. Which one is really more difficult?

You will pay a price for your actions, and your choices.

Which choice will you make?

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