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I received a helpful e-mail with marketing tips that anyone and everyone can use in their business, whether it’s La Bella Baskets or not.




Reasons why we should be excited about this industry!

Gift Basket Business Statistics:

1) The industry has had an amazing amount of growth over the last twenty years and is now worth around 3.3 billion dollars annually in the US.

2) Gift baskets make up part of the ‘gift industry’ which is worth over 200 billion dollars a year. They are ranked fourth as a category behind other popular gifts like clothing and vouchers.

3) The industry has long been dominated by woman and even though men are slowly getting more involved, women make up the majority of business owners in this industry. Women are also more likely than men to be customers.

4) The corporate sector of the market is well worth targeting as it represents approximately 40% of the total market.

Calculate how much you need to start your ideal business, and then figure out how much you have. If you have all the cash you need, you’re very fortunate. If you don’t, you need to start playing with the numbers and deciding what you can do without. The checklist below will serve as a guide for creating a startup budget for your gift basket business. Prices for supplies and equipment are estimated ranges and will vary depending on features, sources and whether they’re new or used. What you spend may vary because you may already own some items, such as office equipment or a computer. Don’t forget to also factor in rent (unless you’re homebased), business license, utility deposits, insurance, any legal and accounting services and your grand opening advertising.

  • Specialty equipment (including work space fixtures, work tables, crafting tools, shrink wrapper, heat gun, signage and security system): $980 to $14,030
  • Storage fixtures and hardware (including storage shelves and cabinets): $100 to $500
  • Store equipment/fixtures for retail operations (including special displays, display shelving, cash register, counter, marking guns, floor gondolas, pegboard, hooks, showcases and wall gondolas): Anywhere from $0 if you already have these items to $9,895
  • Retail supplies (including cash register tape, shopping bags, gift boxes and sales tags and/or labels): up to $1,510
  • Office furniture, equipment and supplies (including computer and peripherals, fax, phone system, furniture, business stationary and miscellaneous supplies): $3,800 to $13,670
  • Packaging/shipping equipment (including hand truck, high-speed tape dispenser, carton stapler, electronic scale and paper shredder): $350 to $1,490
  • Packaging/shipping supplies (including sealing tape, boxes, mailing labels, cushioned mailers and packing materials): $505 to $1,200
  • Gift basket supplies (including baskets/containers, packing materials, decorative materials, shrink-wrap and/or cellophane and product/gifts): $1,675 to $28,500. The range is based on how much you spend on the products and gifts you put into your basket.


$19.95 a month with La Bella Baskets!

As a mom you have kids running around the house. Some of them may be yours while others may not be, but that’s ok because your kids will be where you can see them.

If you have kids that want to help mommy with her business or if you have kids that want to make money, then you should allow them to help. It will help them have an understanding of business and it will help them with responsibility.

There are so many things your kids can do to help you with your business. What they can do depends on your business, but there is always something you can come up with. Make sure you give them things that are age appropriate and make sure they understand what you want them to do.

Here are a few suggestions that will work with most businesses.

1. If you like to hand out flyers, consider having your children go door to door placing a flyer in the handle of the screen door. Make sure you explain what the sign no solicitations means so they don’t place a flyer on a door that says that.

2. If you send out packages to your customers, you can have your kids help you pack the boxes. Depending on the age of your children, you may need to check each box before it goes out, but they’ll still feel like they helped.

3. Preparing envelopes to include in your packages is another task your kids can do for you. They can prepare the envelope in its entirety or you can have everything prepared and they can put them in the envelopes for you.

4. If your kids are older and enjoy the computer and the internet, you could train them how to do some of your online tasks. Article marketing, blog posts, and email management are just a few of the tasks they can handle. Step by step instructions will make it easier for them to handle.

You need to remember that your kids want to spend time with you. When you have a business to run that can be a challenge. The best way to make it work is to have them help you run your business.

Depending on the age of your kids, you may be able to find the perfect task for them to handle. When you can work side by side with them you will all have fun and you’ll be able to accomplish what you set out to do each day and still spend that quality time with your kids that you all crave.

I’m a Christian Work at Home Mom!

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