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Your dreams are your visions of where you’ll be after the battle, your prize at the end of your journey to success. Your goals are the steps you take to finally attain your prize.

Unless you’re willing to work hard and establish some discipline in your life, all of your dreams will be pipe dreams, little mental fantasy trips that will never materialize.

Make concrete steps toward fulfilling your ultimate dream and start with solid objectives called goals.  Your dreams are where you want to go, your goals are how you get there.

The first indispensable step to getting the things you want out of life is this.  Decide what you want.

Don’t be afraid to think big and dare to be great. Dreamers are not content with mediocrity. They never dream of going half way.

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

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Growing From Part-Time to Full-Time

If you start a gift basket business while working at a full time job, you won’t be alone in the quest to wake on that eventful day when the only work to be done is your own work. If you commit the strategies found in this training into daily deeds, it’s certain that great day will come sooner than you think. It’s Okay to work at the other job to earn the salary that pays your living expenses. While developing the business, you’ll gradually generate enough cash to pay personal bills and draw money from the increasing equity while keeping a decent amount of invested capital on hand. The outside work will eventually disappear, never to be seen again.

How do you know when it’s time to leave the dreaded day job? It’s a matter of knowing your personal monthly budget, factoring in 10 to 20 percent above that amount per month for emergencies, assessing how much of a draw down you can live on versus making a salary, and having a steady flow of gift basket clients that increase every month. For example, Sally More, plans to leave her real estate employer in two years. She’s slowly building her clientèle and sales, getting good promotional exposure (though charity work and trade shows), and aligning herself with top regional organizations. The real estate employer is not doing well and decreased Sally’s work schedule and salary by switching to four-day work week.

Resist the trap of thinking, “All I need is one big account.” Cash cows are a temporary quick fix. Having several well-paying corporate clients and a cadre of individual buyers holds a better outlook. If that one big client goes out of business or has a string of bad luck, the buying stops, and back you go to the full-time employment. Spread the odds of wealth by severing several big clients and many individuals.

You Can Do It!

You deserve to reap the personal and financial rewards of owning your own business. Every tip, idea, strategy, and solution in this training comes from hands-on experience through the ups and downs of developing a successful business and finding loyal customers who keep coming back to buy. Yes, you will make mistakes – but what can be accomplished in this life without the wisdom of errors? Use this training as a guide, follow your instincts, and begin to live the live the entrepreneurial dream today for a brighter tomorrow.

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