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Last week for gift basket orders to be processed is January 31st – February 6th in order to arrive before Valentine’s Day. If any orders are placed after that week, there is no guarantee for the gift to be delivered on or before the holiday.

Flowers – Last day to order is Friday, February 11th before 11:00 am EST to be delivered on Monday the 14th.

Depending where the package is shipping from and where the destination is please have orders in on a timely manner so they will be received either on or before the holiday.

FYI: Chocolate covered strawberries, candy apples, fortune cookies and Oreos are coming from California so please place orders early enough to allow for shipping time, especially if destination is East Coast

Any fruit orders will be processed Monday – Wednesday only to take advantage of the ground shipping price of $11.95 This includes: Chocolate Cover Strawberries and Candy Apples.
Holiday Shipping Dates and Dead Lines

Christmas: LBB will be closed Friday the 24th, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th.

Last day for processing Gift Orders is Wednesday December 15th before 11:30 am EST.

Flowers: Wed, December the 22nd before 11:30 am EST to be delivered on Thursday, December 23rd.

New Years: LBB will be closed Saturday the 30th, Sunday the 31st and Monday the 1st.

Every Tuesday night, join Mia Florides (co-founder) on the call filled with many company updates, special guest speakers, motivation, and special announcements. You do NOT want to miss it!

Conference Dial in:  1-218-862-1300

Conference code:  863799

6:00 pm PST

7:00 pm MSD

8:00 pm CST

9:00 apm EST

This is the prefect time to join LBB, especially as the holidays are here. Need to generate fast income or want to supplement your current income? Well, LBB is perfect!

Seriously, who doesn’t buy gift baskets? The possibilities are unlimited…

“Exciting news is coming your way! LBB’s goal is not only offering beautiful gifts and an elite business opportunity, but also being a company that makes a huge difference in people’s lives.  We are proud to announce that we are working hard to add residual income to our referral program that could potentially EXPLODE your business to an incredible level, and assist even more people than we ever could before.

Now, more than ever, financial independence can be achieved for all of you who are willing to put forth the effort. With the onset of this new program, you can realistically expect to exceed your previous goals. As with all our programs, this is designed to handsomely reward those who are willing to put forth the effort.

Currently, La Bella Baskets is setup this way: When a person you enroll has stayed past the 7 day trial and their full subscription of $19.95 a month begins, you (as the enroller) receive a one time referral bonus of $15. Here is how the NEW residual income will affect the referral program:
You will no longer be rewarded only once when you enroll someone. You will continue to be rewarded month after month.

Yes, you read that right!

You will all receive a certain % each month for each active consultant you have on your team.

The Power of Residual Income!

We are so excited about this added compensation plan to our referral program and rewarding you for working so hard with your team and working together to build a lucrative business for yourselves.

In the meantime LBB Consultants, keep building your businesses to position yourself to take full advantage of the new referral program. *Note: To all consultants with a team, the new compensation plan will rollover to every consultant that is active in your one level (the only level you have) For example, if you have 10 active consultants on your team right now, when the new system sets in, you will be receiving residual income on each person month after month after month.

So everyone work, build and you will achieve greatness!”

Mia and Janis
LBB Co-Founders

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Even if you have never been involved in a gifting business before, you will find the training provided to be easy to understand and simple to follow and implement. All the work has been done for you. You just access the tools and go for it!  Everything has been prepared for you. All you do is follow our simple marketing guidelines for creating a profitable gift basket business.

I’m a Christian Work at Home Mom!

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Why So Many People Are Joining?

We offer bi-monthy pay. We fulfill your orders. We create the gift baskets. We create a beautiful website for you. We help you market your gifting business. We carry all the inventory. We ship to your gift recipients. We operate online, so you can, too. We continuously add new gift baskets to your store. We partner with you to make it simple to succeed. We don't require you to buy products. We do not have quotas. We do not ask you to collect money from your customers

Learn More About La Bella Baskets!

La Bella Baskets has weekly national Team Training calls that include product information, tips to succeed, interviews with La Bella Baskets consultants, sponsoring support, and much more. See you on the call!

Hosted by: Mia Florides, La Bella Baskets Co-Founder

Date: Every Tuesday night

Time: 6pm pacific time
7pm mountain time
8pm central time
9pm eastern time

Conference Dial-In: 1-218-862-1300

Conference Code: 863799

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